September 23, 2023

Depending on who is organising the photographer for your wedding normally determines how much thought goes into it. For some people, they are happy to have some ‘snaps’ taken using a mobile phone or such like, others want an experience that they can really be a part of, to share their vision with a person who can encompass that vision and bring it to life in a story that can be told for years to come.


Granted, some of the tech on phones these days is great and some of the apps have some awesome features, but they simply cannot compete with that of professional photographic equipment, in terms of quality, lighting, ambiance and the ability to really capture the moment. Some of the photos online when looking for a Central Coast wedding photographer are truly outstanding, breath taking in-fact.

Most people wouldn’t be able to even come close to taking photographs like the ones displayed on the search images, so them has to be more to it than just the equipment. Most of the blogs say that the equipment is really important, but so is the photographer, not only should do they need to know how to use the equipment properly, but they also need to have a natural talent for taking photos at the right time.

It’s personal 

When looking into wedding photographers it is clear to see that some are truly devoted to their craft, a passion that they live for, others it is simply a Business that pays their bills. If you want the very best photos that your money can afford then it would be a wise choice to choose a photographer that loves what they do and that will devote all they have into making sure your day can be remembered with awe inspiring photos for years to come.

You can build a relationship with your photographer a long time before your actual wedding date, give yourselves a chance to get to know each other, more so that the photographer can get to know you. A photographer, as with any artist needs to get a real feel for who you are and what you want to achieve, it really is a very personal affair.

Don’t be too snappy

Take your time to make sure you feel comfortable with the person that you employ, make sure they understand you and your needs and that they can deliver what you hope to achieve, portfolios will give you a really good idea of what to expect.


Blake Aldrich

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