December 7, 2023

Capture the Iconic Wedding Memories with the Wedding photographers

Oct 27, 2019

Everybody wants to capture every moment of the wedding. So if you don’t want to miss any moment of your moment like rituals that are performed very beautifully then you need a skilled photographer who is good at capturing the memories of your wedding. In a marriage, there are many rituals performed at different traditions. And many guests come to join the wedding. So to capture all those moments a team of professional photographers is required. So the Fame Park studio is providing you promising services in capturing the glorious moments of your wedding. So you can remember the memories by having the glance of your wedding album at any stage of your life.

Professional photographers and videographers

  • This studio is providing you both photographers and videographers so you don’t need to go anywhere for hiring both of them. These people are skilled in both the field. So you can hire them at affordable charges. You can hire them online whenever you want online.
  • The professional team is so required for capturing every beautiful and precious moment. These are good at capturing the moments more beautifully. They also take care of those requirements of a wedding. They don’t use outdated cameras because outdated technologies can worsen the picture quality and video quality.
  • So Fame Park studio is providing you the best video quality and picture quality through new latest cameras. If you have high-quality videos then you can enjoy the glorious moments of your wedding anytime you want.

Photography with some style

In different traditions, there are different rituals in which people try to get captured the photographs in different poses and different clothing. So these professional photographers have the idea of the different cultures and rituals. And they well understand the requirements possess by the different marriages.

So their skills and the experiences can provide you stunning pictures at different angles. Their photography is intended for wedding requirements. So you don’t need to worry that you will have to explain to them the poses of the pictures. So you can hire these skilled professional photographers and videographers for your wedding online.

So the fame park studio is providing you the professional photographer and videographer team. These skilled people are best at capturing the iconic and glorious moments of your wedding. They use the latest cameras so they can provide you the best quality picture and the wedding film. These people have the ideas about different wedding rituals requirements.

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Wedding Extras Not to Overlook

Oct 14, 2019

Planning a wedding is a challenge at the best of times, and with so many things to arrange, it is easy to overlook something. You want this most special of days to be perfect, so you do need to think about every aspect of the event, and the best place to start is making a list.

  • Prioritise – The first things to tackle are the guest list and the venue, as without these, you really can’t go forward, so source the venue and pick a date, preferably a few months away, at least. Once your guest list is drawn up and approved by your partner, you can think about wedding stationery, such as the invitations, and, of course, personalised wedding thank-you cards, which can be ordered online for a very reasonable cost.
  • List of Vendors & Services – This is essential, as the list will have contact numbers for all services, along with notes as to the current status, and your list will likely include marquee hire, disco and light show, perhaps some independent food vendors and possibly a bar set up. You can even hire dance floors and furniture, should you wish, and you can make all the arrangements online.
  • Parking – It might sound amazing, but sometimes car parking is completely overlooked, and this normally results in unhappy neighbours who are inconvenienced by the sudden number of cars. Signs should be put up, and it is always a good idea to have one person with a flashlight to guide vehicles in and out.
  • Ice – Believe it or not, some wedding parties actually run out of ice, and you either need a few ice making machines, or a huge cooler box that is filled to the brim. You can never have too much ice at a wedding party.
  • Overnight Accommodation – None of your guests might be planning to stay the night, but often, drivers have had a little too much to drink, and rather than risk driving, they decide to stay the night. Chek with a local hotel for rates and availability, and if you have a spare room, this can be used for temporary accommodation.
  • Coats, Bags and Hats – There will be those who wish to hang their overcoat or jacket, and umbrellas and hats are frequently seen at weddings, so a small cloakroom would be fine, preferably with a few hanging rails and coat hangers. Of course, the more guests you have, the more storage space you will need, and if the wedding is in the winter, there will obviously be a lot of garments to be stored.

You should always work from lists, which need to be updated regularly, and by double checking as a habit, you are not likely to overlook anything. All printables can be sourced from a cheap online provider, where you get to choose the design, the paper, the font, and, of course, the images, and with the invitations dispatched, you can begin to plan the reception.

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