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Enhance the Brand Image of Your Company by Hiring Right Photographers

Jun 15, 2019

Creating a niche for your products in the market is very important. This can be done with the right promotional tools and strategy. The first thing that attracts potential customers to your business is the brand. If you plan on building your brand, then you need professional photographers to do the job for you.

Why Hire Professionals

You might be handy with the camera, but you do not want to risk your photography skills with your business. Professional photographers are specialized in photography. They have the right equipment that can capture the perfect photos and improve the brand image of your company.

You might need to put in some time and effort in searching for the right corporate photographer. You might need to check out reviews and ratings and shortlist the best ones. Call them up and discuss your requirements with them.

Ask for references and the time frame for the completion of the project. If you are satisfied with their work, you can negotiate and work on the price estimations. Ensure that you sit with them and explain in details what their requirement for the project is. They must be in line with your corporate goals and objectives so that they can create the right photos for you.

Checklist for Finding Professional Photographers

If you are planning an event for your company, then you might need a professional photographer to capture good quality shots for you. This is also one criterion for the success of your event. Some of the points that you might want to take into consideration when it comes to hiring professional photographers include:

  • Check for the work experience of the photographer
  • Have they handled such events before?
  • What is their style of working?
  • How much time would it take for editing and sending the final print?

A professional photographer will always manage to bring out the best shots. They will have a lot of ideas on the perfect angles and perspectives. They will know how to mingle into the crowd and take the best images. Professional photographers will give their ideas and opinions on how to bring out the best in the photos.

When it comes to events, ensure that you are transparent with the details. Some of the things that you might want to discuss would be:

  • What type of event you are hosting?
  • Are the photos for a campaign?
  • Any important photos that need to be captured?


Hiring professional photographers can help you build on your clientele. You can even hire them for your corporate videos that can be presented at events.

Salt Lake City Birth Photography Services provide all the skills and experience you need for professional looking pictures so you don’t have to spend hours trying every different kind of setting on your camera or taking hundreds of shots before getting one right.

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Shooting on Location: 5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Portrait Location

Jun 3, 2019

While often considered as a real estate mantra, Location, location, location also matters greatly in outdoor photography.

In fact, when it comes to planning an outdoor photo shoot, few details are as important as location. From travel photography to wedding photoshoots, having a great background can transform an ordinary photo into an extraordinary and memorable one.

The location of your shoot will determine the success of the photo. It will decide other factors, too — things like props, equipment, suitable poses, and even what the subjects should wear will be driven by the location of the shoot.

Ready to take your photography on the road? Here is your guide to choosing locations with confidence.

1.    Look for places with various backdrops

When choosing a setting for your outdoor portrait photoshoot, opt for a location that contains a variety of backdrops. The optimal outdoor location for a photo shoot will be one that enables you to achieve several“looks” with the final set of images.

When working with your clients, consider a location that has different backdrops and a variety of textures. A beach, for example, is a great location for a portrait shoot. Various textures are present (water, sand, grassy knolls), as are environmental and architectural elements.

2.    Consider the season

There are two important things to be aware of when scouting a location for a photo shoot.

First, each season will provide different environmental elements to play with. This is particularly true for photographers that live in a four-season country. A photoshoot in autumn means colorful foliage. A summer shoot, on the other hand, includes lots of natural light and long shooting days.

Second, weather can change in an instant. Seasons can determine how quickly the weather changes. It can be sunny one minute, giving you the perfect amount of natural light. The weather can suddenly shift, hanging clouds over your shoot, giving the final images a dramatic look.

3.    Get off the beaten track

Your subject and their experience in front of the lens can greatly influence the location of your photo shoot. While certain subjects will thrive in urban portraits, many will feel self-conscious in such a high-energy and dynamic setting.

Moreover, crowded places mean dealing with passersby or people moving in and out of your frame.

If your subject has difficulty relaxing in front of your camera because of the disturbances around, shoot in a quiet place. This can mean secluded beaches or grassy fields. If you do shoot in an urban setting, find a quiet, closed-off location. This will allow you to shoot undisturbed.

4.    Think about accessibility

A location is only suitable if it’s accessible by everyone. If you and your subjects have to navigate rocky or steep terrain, it may not be the right location to shoot. Not only do you have to travel with all your equipment and gear, but the weather can also change on you quickly.

When scouting for a location, look for a place that’s accessible for everyone — one that’s easy to get to and come back from. Also, choose one with overhead cover or shelter, such as a bridge or café. This will be a lifesaver in the event that the weather decides to be uncooperative.

Remember, safety should always be your number one priority on a location shoot. Even if it’s the most perfect spot for your shoot, never risk your safety or the safety of your subjects.

5.    Apply for the right permits

Many outdoor locations require special permits. Some places, like cities, will require a permit if you are shooting with specific equipment or gear, and in some places, you will need to pay for the permits. Other locations such as parks may be private property, meaning they are protected by copyright.

Do your research first before heading out for the big day. When it’s time to shoot, confirm you have all the special permits required so you don’t have any trouble with the local authorities. It’s your job as the photographer to have everything you require in the field.

This may entail planning weeks or even months ahead to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in a specific location, and also bear in mind the costs against your budget.

Final takeaways

Location photography can produce some of the most stunning images imaginable. But with so many elements and factors to consider, it can also be tricky to produce such results. Following the tips above, along with being flexible and adaptable, will be key to creating images that are frame-worthy.


Stefanie Descheemaecker is the Studio Manager at Stu Williamson Photography at The Palm Jumeirah – Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. She has been with the company for almost 3 years and is the driving force behind the success of the business. A keen amateur photographer, Stef combines her natural creative eye with a strong business acumen to help Stu Williamson Photography become the most trusted and successful photography business in the UAE.

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