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Overlooked Elements when Choosing a Wedding Venue

Jul 4, 2021

Many people have dreamt about their wedding day since their youth. It is a critical juncture in your life that signifies your expectations for the future. It is a time to celebrate your friends and family and thank them for all they have meant to you on your way. It is also a time to show the world your sense of taste, style, and the unique personalities of you and your mate. You want your wedding to be remembered as unique and well-considered. The best way to accomplish this is to have the optimal location. A place where the different stages of the wedding can blend without complicated travel or time constraints. Here are some things to consider when choosing the site for your wedding.

  • Ceremony: As important as the ceremony is, it is surprising that many weddings occur in places that are not particularly photogenic or sometimes not well suited for spectators. Some buildings might be comfortable and designed for large crowds, but they look terrible in photographs. Other locations, particularly outdoor locations, might be very photogenic but are not set up for seating, or have sound equipment, and if there is a change in weather, might become unusable. When you consider a location, consider everything you need.
  • Photography: Magazine-quality photographs are tough to achieve when the photographer has no control over the location choice. If the main event is taking place into the sun, or if the church is poorly lit. These things affect the final photos. Consult with the photographer about the ceremony location. For the formal pictures, the photographer will be more able to adjust the scene, but choosing a site is critical. If you are looking for Sydney wedding venues, you might look for a venue with everything in one location.
  • Reception: Everyone knows the advantage of renting a hall that is set up for entertaining, with sound and light and food and beverage infrastructure.  But halls are frequently unattractive, and the remaining video and photography will make that apparent. Try to find a reception venue that looks good in photos and satisfies the needs of your guests.

When the day is over the only thing you can take from it is your new marriage and the record of your big day. You will not want to be reminded of the dingy hall, or your outdoor venue’s hard light and shadows. Try to make everything as convenient and as knit together as possible, and at the same time consider how it will appear on camera.

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