April 14, 2024

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As a photographer, whether a novice, a hobbyist, or a professional like the ones in Newborn Photography Spring TX, it pays to have basic rules to follow. There should be no hang-ups during the moment that the photoshoot will take place. It saves time and effort on the photographer and client. 

Here are some tips and tricks for a flawless baby photoshoot.

Gear Up

It is always important to be ready on the day of the photoshoot. Moreover, it is especially crucial if your subject is an infant. The basic items to bring on the photoshoot day are as follows:

  • Camera 

Nowadays, a digital camera and a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) are accepted norms in the photo world. They have large memory storage for high-resolution photos. Features and functions vary between brands. Be sure to set and try the camera before the photoshoot. Also, make sure to check the battery charge. 

It is best not to use a newly acquired camera for the main photo shoot. You may use it as a back-up instead.

  • Tripod

When taking still or stationary photos, an adjustable and sturdy tripod makes a clear crisp photo. Take additional photos to have more to choose from.

  • Lens

Use the macro-lens on the camera for close distance. Bring along the mid-range lens and the fish-eye lens in case the client wants other photoshoots other than the baby photo. 

  • Extra battery and memory

Bring along extra batteries and memory. These items are light to carry if needed. Old camera batteries can discharge fast.

  • External Flash and lighting

The camera has its built-in flash for direct light to the subject, but it can be very distracting to the baby’s eye. An external flash can be useful at this time. Position the external flash as a reflected light above the ceiling or to the side of a wall. It gives the baby a more refreshing look.

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Blake Aldrich

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