March 1, 2024

Congratulations for lasting this long in the photography business. Often, a creative photographer yearns to learn new tips to make their pictures better.

If you want to learn photography and earn a name for your work, grab your camera and follow these tips.

#1 Maintain eye contact with your subject

Look at your subject in the eye through your lenses. The eyes capture the magnetic details of the face and captivating smiles. However, maintaining eye contact doesn’t mean staring. Your subject can tilt their eyes to a different angle allowing your camera to capture the moment.

# 2 Try a plain background

If you’re a beginner in photography, insist on using a plain background for your pictures. A plain background helps you focus your attention on your subject.

#3 Use the flashback for outdoor pictures

Bright sun rays create shadows on your subject. Therefore, put your flash on to lighten the face and balance lighting. On sunny days, use fill-flash if the subject is within five feet of your reach, and full-flash if the client is beyond five feet from the camera. Remember, you can always check the photo’s results from the camera display and have a retake to your satisfaction.

# 4 Up close

The closer you are to your subject, the more precise the image. Make sure to always move close to your client or zoom in on them for a clearer, better picture. For instance, when shooting a 3 month baby photoshoot, you need to move close to focus the camera on the baby’s details.

#5 Centralize the image

The position you take when shooting photos determines the end result. The photographer should always be at the center to help capture an image. However, do not place your subject in the middle of the image. Instead, play about with their placement to get the ultimate position. Use a viewfinder and place the client in one of the intersection lines.

#6 Lock your focus

The automatic setting in most cameras is set to focus on whatever is found in the middle of the display. Change this setting by moving the client away from the center. And to avoid a blurred image, lock the focus with the client at the center. Then, recompose the photo so that the client is slightly away from the center.

#7 Master the flash range

Any photo taken beyond the camera’s flash range appears dark. Typically, many cameras are positioned five steps away from the subject. Confirm the camera range from the manual settings, or position yourself appropriately to extend the film flash range.

#8 Check the light

Light affects the quality of your image. You might have found the best location and determined the most natural poses for couples, but if the light is not right, the final effect will not be the one you are expecting. Keep in mind that bright sun rays can enhance wrinkles and folds. But soft sun rays on a cloudy day can smoothen out wrinkles.

#9 Try vertical pictures

All images appear better when taken vertically. For instance, you can shoot gorgeous girl poses by turning the camera sideways.

#10 Direct your subjects

Most of your clients will stand tall for their best photos. However, a photographer should be creative and help arrange the subjects into natural poses.

Parting Shot

Photography is an art that gets better with practice. Go out and practice with these ten tips and grow your trade.

Blake Aldrich

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