July 19, 2024

Within my one-year travel all over the world, I’ve found my tough camera a perfect companion. If you’re a backpacker searching for any camera, you might prefer to think about a tough camera or perhaps a rugged camera too.

Small , Compact

A difficult or rugged camera usually includes special features for example waterproof, shock proof, crush proof and freeze proof abilities. Though full of many capabilities, tough camera is small , compact, which makes it simple for safekeeping. Over a DSLR, it’s less inclined to attract undesirable attention from thieves and robbers. Being small , compact does mean it doesn’t drink too much weight for your backpack.


Waterproof camera is among the finest inventions for travelers, for me. All, otherwise most, tough cameras include waterproof abilities. You are able to take photos when you’re swimming within the pool, whitewater-rafting within the river, snorkeling within the ocean or getting started the sea. If you’re in Thailand throughout the Songkran festival, you are able to celebrate and participate in the enjoyment along with the locals – throw water at each other in the pub without having to worry regarding your camera being wet.

Shock proof

With respect to the logo and model, a difficult camera could be shock proof up to and including height of two metres. What this means is, the digital camera won’t spoil should you accidentally drop it on the floor. This past year, I visited an orphanage in Cambodia. The children were happy to see their faces made an appearance around the Vast screen of my camera and just about all requested to experience by using it. Being kids, these were clumsy in handling the gear. I had been glad then that mine would be a tough camera.

Crush proof

Imagine you had been witnessing the important from the bulls in The country. All of a sudden, somebody pressed you against behind as well as your camera travelled from your hands, dropped to the ground and also got trampled through the bulls. Once the dust settled following the whole event, you retrieved the digital camera and located that it’s still alive! How wonderful will it be?

Dust proof

Like a budget traveler, I frequently made a decision to walk whenever you can rather of taking public transit to save a bit more money to stretch my trip. I recall getting badly clogged through the dust as trucks and lorries roared by after i was walking along the side of the street in New Delhi. Such circumstance, your camera may become faulty when airborne dust will get in to the internal circuitry and sensors. A difficult camera, however, was created with fine protective seal to help keep from the dust.

Freeze proof

Generally, the performance of cameras deteriorates once the temperature will get lower, which makes it harder to consider photos in cold countries during the cold months. So, if you plan to visit in cold countries, or climb a snow-capped mountain, you may need a rugged camera to complete the job. A great tough camera can permit you to visit a temperature as little as -10 levels Celsius (or 14 F).


If you want rock climbing or diving, a concise camera that is included with manometer will be handy. It can benefit to record the elevation while you ascend a mountain or water depth while you dive. It’ll even display an alert when you’re approaching the camera’s tolerance level because of its waterproof feature.

In-built Gps navigation

Using the latest technological development, the digital camera can double as your travel guide too. Available on the market, we are able to find tough cameras which are outfitted within-built Gps navigation system and electronic compass. Although these functions has a cost, they’re certainly helpful to travelers navigating inside a foreign land.


For backpackers, you should have a durable camera. Because of the “tough” features, tough cameras are relatively stronger than usual compact cameras, thus keep going longer. Are you able to imagine the irritation of searching for any reliable camera repair center inside a foreign place and getting your travel schedule delayed as you have to hold back to obtain your camera repaired? Enough stated.

Simplicity of use

Despite its many special features, a difficult camera is simple to use and operates exactly the same way like a compact camera. The training curve of utilizing a difficult camera isn’t any steeper than learning to utilize a new compact camera.

Blake Aldrich

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